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We sell septic tanks, septic tank soakaway, sewage treatment plants, sewage pumps.



























































Septic Tanks


Welcome to the UK’s number one store for septic tanks, soakaway and sewage treatment.


We have been installing, repairing systems for the last 14 years.


Are you building a new home?  Are you on a shared septic system? Has your soakaway failed or become blocked? Do you need to replace an existing unit? Do you just need some free advice and help?  Whatever your concerns we are here to help.


We offer the latest and best technology that UK and Eurpean manufacturers have to offer.


For example many of the new septic tanks to hit the UK market are called low profile septic tanks.  They are only 4 feet in height, do not need concreting and can be installed in 2-3 hours from start to finish..without any experience.  They are great for the DIY market, especially if you want to save £1000’s on installation costs.



There are many exciting septic tank soakaway products on the UK market to.  Septic tank soakaway crates.  This amazing invention was originally used for storm and rainwater, and has now become avail be for properties with septic tanks.  The are small, compact and very easy to install, and approved by building regs.  Polybed soakaway pipes.  Again another amazing invention.  The future of the traditional soakaway method and construction is here.  Each pipe is 3 metres in length and has four layers.  A perforated pipe surrounded by a polystyrene shingle medium, surrounded by netting, surround by a polyma membrane.  Polybed is 10 times easier to install than the traditional herringbone systems, and last 20 times longer and is 40% cheaper than doing it the traditional way.


Sewage Treatment Plants

Many on the treatment plants on the market are good, but they are what I call old technology.  Old technology in the sense that they all have some form of moving parts inside them.  We also sell the latest technology.  Sewage treatment plants with no moving parts internally.  By no moving parts we mean no motors, no shafts, no bearings, no gears, no belts, no maintenance contracts, nothing to break so no additional costs.  These new units are for the DIY market and can also be installed very easily, very quickly with no experience needed saving you £1000’s.


We also sell many other new and cost effective solutions.  Septic Tank and Soakaway worms.  Worms have been breaking decaying waste and matter down for 1000’s of years.  These special worms eat and break down the sludge, fat and grease in your septic system.  Completely unblocking and cleaning it.  These worms can save you £1000’s in repair and septic tank emptying costs. We also sell septic tank baffle filters.  These filters are designed to solve the problem of a collapsed or broken baffle.  Simple purchase the filter and insert it into the outlet pipe of your septic system.  It save on having to replace your septic tank.


For more information on our products, sales, installation, septic tank emptying or just some free advice then please call us on 01753 360102