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Septic Tanks For Sale

Price: £599.00
  • Brand: Epurbloc
  • Product Code: 3000 Litre
  • Availability: In Stock
Available Options

1 x Pair 200mm Risers:

2 x Pair 200mm Risers:


Epurbloc Low Profile Septic Tank 1 - 6 Person



Epurbloc Low Profile Septic Tank 1 - 6 Person


The Epurbloc, is one of the best septic tanks in the world.  Why? The tank is just over 4 foot tall.  It has a rotor moulded rid design, which makes it very strong but light in weight.  This rib design means that it can be installed with out a a concrete base or blanket surround. This tank also has a built in filter system and only needs emptying once every 7 years.

These tanks are approved by UK building regs, The Environment Agency, British Water and Sepa. 

The tank has 2 internal chambers built inside it as well as a built in filter system on the outlet side. This means that the Epurbloc has one of the cleanest discharges in Europe.  The solids are held in the primary settlement chamber.  Secondly, the filter breaks down the solids and the heavy particles which greatly reduces blockages.  If you use the septic tank worms with this septic tank, the tank emptying (desludging) period is reduced to once every 15 years.  At £150 an empty, that is a lot of money to save.

The Epurbloc does not not concreting, it just needs surrounding with granular backfill.  Simply dig the hole. Place the tank onto the base of the hole, and backfill around the tank with sand or 20-30mm shingle.  The granular backfill absorbs any water pressure that builds up in the soil around the tank, and this is why it does not need concreting.

If you need to install the Epurbloc deeper into the ground, then you can buy risers.  The risers are 200mm high and come in pairs, and each Epurbloc can take 5 pairs of risers fitted to it. They are also very easy to attach, simply screw each riser in place of the lid until tight.

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